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The Augmented Health Lab is a consortium of interdisciplinary researchers in computer science, engineering and medicine working together to tackle grand challenges in healthcare. Topics include diabetes, obesity, mental health, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and more. Our approach seeks to enable continuous sensing of people, behaviors, and health-relevant activities in a privacy-preserving manner to better understand and inform management, treatment and recovery.

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Understanding Reflection Needs for Personal Health Data in Diabetes
Temiloluwa Prioleau, Ashutosh Sabharwal, Madhuri Vasudevan
Predicting Brain Functional Connectivity Using Mobile Sensing
Mikio Obuchi, Jeremy F. Huckins, Weichen Wang, Alex Dasilva, Courtney Rogers, Eilis Murphy, Elin Hedlund, Paul Holtzheimer, Shayan Mirjafari, Andrew Campbell

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