DiaTrend: A dataset from advanced diabetes technology

Objective digital data is scarce yet needed in many domains to enable research that can transform the standard of healthcare. While data from consumer-grade wearables and smartphones is more accessible, there is critical need for similar data from clinical-grade devices used by patients with a diagnosed condition. The prevalence of wearable medical devices in the diabetes domain sets the stage for unique research and development within this field and beyond. However, the scarcity of open-source datasets presents a major barrier to progress.

To facilitate broader research on diabetes-relevant problems and accelerate development of robust computational solutions, we provide the DiaTrend dataset. The DiaTrend dataset is composed of intensive longitudinal data from wearable medical devices, including a total of 27,561 days of continuous glucose monitor data and 8,220 days of insulin pump data from 54 patients with diabetes. This dataset is useful for developing novel analytic solutions that can reduce the disease burden for people living with diabetes and increase knowledge on chronic condition management in outpatient settings.

Interested? You can request access to the DiaTrend dataset through this link: https://doi.org/10.7303/syn38187184.

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