Wearable and mobile devices enable continuous monitoring of individualized physiological, environmental, and behavioral signals. Clinical-grade versions of such devices are already transforming the standard of care for high-risk chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiac disorders, especially in outpatient ambulatory settings. However, many of today's technology work in isolation, thus creating isolated data streams that cannot be used in the context of other physiological, environmental, and behavioral data. The bridge this gap, the objective of HealthMine project is to improve the utility of health-relevant data from various wearable and mobile systems by integrating desperate streams to enable a better understanding of the context surrounding health management and support personalized care.

Ongoing User Study: Our team is actively running a user study on this project. We invite anyone over 18 years of age, who has diabetes, uses a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor, and an Android mobile phone to consider participating. Please email ah-lab@dartmouth.edu to learn more and sign up!

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