Digital SMD: Developing Computational Tools for Digital Self-Management of Diabetes​

Diabetes is a prevalent and growing chronic condition that affects how the body gets energy from food. This condition impacts the lives of many, regardless of age, gender, races, and ethnicity. In the United States alone, appropriately 10% of the population already have diabetes. Despite being a chronic condition, careful and proper management can significantly slow down the progression and complications of the disease.

Fun Fact: A person with Type 1 Diabetes is estimated to make between 180 - 300 health-related decisions daily. Wow!

This project aims to leverage pervasive technology (i.e. mobile and wearable devices) as a platform for enabling data-driven decision-support for people with diabetes. We investigate behavioral factors that affect management, develop algorithmic solutions to inform treatment, and evaluate technology solutions amongst end-users. Our goal is to develop computational tools that make the process of managing diabetes easier and more effective.

How you can get involved? If you have diabetes, consider partnering with our team by being an advocate for this research. Ways to participate include: 1) sharing ideas for research based on your personal experience, 2) joining a study, 3) anonymously sharing your diabetes device data, 4) sending an encouraging message to the research team. To do any of the above, please complete the Digital SMD Advocate Form.

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